Pin Up! The Movie

Contemporary pin up girls – and the women who inspired them.

Using stories of real-life women, this interactive documentary demonstrates why the classic image of the “pin up girl” still resonates in modern culture. The project shows that while the pin-up does present a character which in many ways has been sexualized or objectified by men, it also has both historically and in more modern times offered opportunities for women seeking to control and express their own sexuality. From the artist’s studio to a ball for fans of the 1940s, the film follows various women who are engaged in, and trying to reinvent, pin-up culture.


The film is currently on the film festival circuit. It debuted in November 2015 at Woman Up Independent Film Festival, part of the Big House LA Entertainment festival, where it had the top “power ranking” in its division.


The interactive documentary will go live in late 2016. Our webpage can be found here.